The ABC's of Parenting

You make a rule. Your child pushes back. 

It's exhausting! 

If you're looking for a way to reinforce family rules
without a battle, this 3-step process is for you! 

"These steps helped us to stop talking "at" our kids and communicate things better.
Our kids are arguing with us less and things feel calmer now." 
--- Anna C. 

The challenge:

Balancing your need for cooperation with his need for control. 

The secret:

Your child is pushing back because he wants to have a voice in decisions. 

The solution:

The ABC's of Parenting!
A step-by-step process to gain cooperation while problem solving as a team. 

The ABC's of Parenting were designed to allow your child a way to express his thoughts and feelings respectfully while keeping you in the role of leader in your family.  

You'll love this approach because it:
* Helps you stay calm 
* Teaches problem solving
* Creates better communication for the whole family

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